Music as Befitts a Quene

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English Virginal Music 1570-1650. (WLBR 9203)

Edward Parmentier, harpsichord Keith Hill, after Ruckers 1640. Music of Byrd, Bull, Farnaby, Gibbons, Phillips, & others.

“…bristles with white-hot energy”American Record Guide

“There is an inner vitality throughout these performances”Fanfare

A principal aim of this recording was color–achieved in Keith Hill’s deliciously quirky instrument, goaded to its dialectical extreme by the tangy meantone temperament. A program of widely varied pieces of domestic music from the late sixteenth to early seventeenth centuries. Parmentier is brilliant, at his very best, extruding extraordinary power from what appear on the page to be modest works. The music presents an astonishing range of variety, from the rather incredibly forceful little Prelude of Orlando Gibbons that opens the program, through the wonderfully Renaissance intellectuality of Tomkins’ Lady Folett’s Galliard or William Tisdall’s Pavana Chromatica, to toe-tapping dance rhythms of the anonymous Qui passa – a veritable Tudor feast for the ears!


  1. Prelude in a (Orlando Gibbons)
  2. Fantasy in d (William Byrd)
  3. Variations on The Leaves bee greene (Wm. Inglot)
  4. Alman (Anonymous)
  5. Pavan & Galliard (Peter Philips)
  6. Fantasia (Giles Farnaby)
  7. The Lady Falliott’s Galliard (Thomas Tomkins)
  8. Tell me Daphne (Giles Farnaby)
  9. Fantazia of four parts (Orlando Gibbons)
  10. Pavana Chromatica (William Tisdall)
  11. Allemanda (Anonymous)
  12. Pavana Lachrimae(William Byrd)
  13. Chi passa per questa strada? (Anonymous)
  14. Pavan Ph. Tregian; Galliard (William Byrd)
  15. Pavan & Galliarde (John Bull)
  16. The Passing Measures Pavan & Galliard (Anonymous)
  17. My Lady Nevell’s Grounde (William Byrd)