Jean-Baptiste Forqueray

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Pièces de Clavecin d’apres les Pièces de Viole d’Antoine Forqueray `le père’` 1747. Arthur Haas, harpsichord. (WLBR 9201)

Antoine Forqueray’s Pièces de Viole revelled in the gamba’s rich bass register in an extremely sensual way. The junior Forqueray transmitted this with equal fervor to the comparably sensuous nether regions of the late French harpsichord. The 1785 Germain (Goermanns) harpsichord is the ideal exponent for this music. Its timbral indulgences, combined with melodies of folksong-like tunefulness, are at times reminiscent of seventeenth century French organ music. Arthur Haas does the program full justice, with subtlety, verve and ardor.