Chordae: Medieval Improvisations for Harp and Psaltry

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Tim Rayborn, Medieval Harp and Psaltry (WLBR 0302)

Tim Rayborn has made an extensive study of the music of Medieval Europe and the Middle East, mastering some 30 instruments and touring all over the U.S, Europe, and North Africa. For this recording he has applied his deep knowledge of Medieval practice and style to 4 large-scale improvisations, each representing a different mode: Dorian, Lydian, Phrygian, and Mixolydian. Each of these tracks is essentially a performance, having been recorded in a single take with no editing. For enthusiasts of Medieval music, this recording is a lexicon of historically informed practice, and for those unfamiliar with the style, it is an appealing introduction.

Track listing:
D’amor non jauzi (in Dorian mode)
Fors souvenir (in Lydian mode)
O suavis (in Phrygian mode)
Sempr’ alegria (in Mixolydian mode)